About Reclaiming Discourse

This site was created to be an outlet and host for some upcoming projects which all share a theme of encouraging discussions that some people thought shouldn't happen.  Reclaiming discourse is not about academic freedom specifically, but conversation in general.

The academic freedom survey is the first project in this area, and others are forthcoming.  Sign up for updates here, and receive an email when new things are published.

About the Authors

Kyle Whitlock


Kyle serves in university governance, allowing him to view the institution from an inner perspective. He is a student of the University of Alberta in the faculties of Science and Law and a Director of the Public Science Institute.  His research interests include phage therapy and vaccines, and his industrial interests include sustainable materials and modular functional design.

Kyle has also worked in political strategy, disaster management, and small business financing. 

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Brayden Whitlock


Brayden has served in university governance for several years and at multiple levels, giving him an informed perspective in how universities operate.  He is currently a student in the faculties of Medicine and Law at the University of Alberta.  His academic interests include transporter protein cell biology, antimicrobial surfaces, and intellectual freedom.  Brayden is president of the Public Science Institute and has industrial interests in antimicrobial surfaces, IP monetization, and exploratory R&D for small businesses.